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Program Option
2023- 2024 School Year


    Tuesday & Thursday

9:00 - 11:30

$190 per month


This program emphasizes socialization.  We will learn to make good choices, share, take turns and be kind to others.  Your child will become more comfortable with separation from parents and learn to care for their own needs such as going potty and washing hands. The curriculum will be a primarily hands on  approach to numbers, shapes, letters, and colors and fun crafts daily.  As the year progresses we will begin more one-on-one table learning time and classroom structure so your child will be more comfortable to transition the following year. 


Child must be three by September 30th of 2023


Early Pre-K

Monday, Wednesday & Friday   

9:00 - 11:30

$210 per month


This program is ideal for the 3  year old to young 4 year as it emphasizes socialization, making good choices, sharing, taking turns and being kind to others. Your child may or may not have had 1 year of preschool but still has 1-2 more years before entering kindergarten.  The curriculum will begin as a primarily hands on  approach to numbers, shapes, letters, and colors and fun crafts daily.  The second half of the year will progress to a more academic group form of learning.  This program is a light version of the Pre-K curriculum but not meant to be the last stop before kindergarten, rather will set the perfect foundation to lead your child into the Pre-K or Pre-K Plus program the following year.  We will emphasize the academic focus and also more circle time and crafts will be a part of our daily fun.      

Child must be four by January 31st of 2024.  


Pre-K & Pre-K Plus

Monday - Thursday 

9:00 - 11:30

$230 per month

Both programs emphasize kindergarten readiness through individual and group academics, fine motor skills and arts & crafts.  Your child will focus on letter recognition and phonemic awareness while learning to write upper and lower case letters. We use the Wilson Fundations Language System curriculum which is used by both Avon Lake and Bay Village. Number writing, counting, and math skills are a weekly focus as well. An important aspect of these classes are individual, one-on-one, small group, and large group work. We feel this is the way your child will learn to become and independent thinker and feel confident to try new things. Social skills will be developed through learning to make good choices, being kind to others and through creative play, stories, and circle time activities. 

Child must be four years of age by August 1, 2023 for Pre-K


The Pre-K Plus curriculum is similar to the Pre-K in all lessons taught but this class is quicker paced with added language arts, math, and science lessons.

The children in this program will go deeper into pre-reading skills such as sight words and the beginning of decoding words.

This program may be ideal for children with summer birthdays, may miss the kindergarten age requirement or just benefit to one more year of preschool.

Child must be five years of age by January 31, 2024 for Pre-K Plus

All monthly payment's are based on a 10-month payment plan.

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